Omron Portable ECG EKG Handheld HCG-801 Monitor

Sat 24, Apr. 10
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“Omron Portable ECG EKG Handheld HCG-801 Monitor. A main cause of mortality is cardiovascular disease or CVD (leading to stroke, heart attack, heart failure) and a major risk factor for CVD is high blood pressure. Omron has established itself as a leader in blood pressure monitoring inside the home as well as in hospital settings.

Now, Omron has applied its traditional expertise in sensor technology to take the next step in CVD monitoring in the homecare context, by creating a new home monitoring device. Symptoms such as heart pain, palpitations and shortness of breath may be signs of heart disease and may be transient. In some cases, delay in detection may lead to the worsening of heart conditions (an increasingly repetitive pattern of transient abnormalities) and may prevent a patient or doctor from seeking corrective treatments before a potential heart attack or stroke. However, there are some challenges to keeping records of these symptoms in real time by conventional approaches.

With the OMRON Portable ECG Monitor HCG-801, a recording of about 30 seconds can be made when symptoms occur whether at home or away. These recordings can then be shown to the doctor, who can examine and use the information to assist in correct diagnosis of symptoms.

WHERE CAN THE HCG-801 BE USED? – Clinic and Hospitals – The transient symptoms of cardiovascular disease can be difficult to record by conventional devices. – The HCG-801 provides users with a quick and easy way of real-time recording. – Monitoring on Post-operation – Monitoring on Cardiac rehabilitation – The unique features of the Portable ECG Monitor HCG-801 make it a versatile multi-purpose tool for medical professionals. –

Its cordless operation and direct on-screen display allow a quick scan of the heart condition and its compact design easily fits in a medical bag or coat pocket.”

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